My Order Log Out

Michael Baldacci


Soundtrack: Remember the Titans… you will thank me later.
Indulgence: Vanilla milk shake. Yes, I am the guy who gets a vanilla milkshake…
Fondest Memory: My mom’s birthday celebration
First Job: Sweeping houses at a job site at 13… I am still finding sawdust in my ears.
Last Purchase: 50 Nespresso pods… the intense pack, for harvest
Best Place to Pop a Cork: Side patio with my family


Soundtrack: Air Bud, 7th Inning Fetch… I am more of a baseball guy.
Indulgence: Baconator bites
Fondest Memory: When I first saw Michael… I knew it was love at first sight
First Job: Retrieving ducks for my grandpa when I was 2
Last Purchase: Stain remover. I am still getting used to being inside so much.
Best Place to Pop a Cork: My grandparents’ back patio after a swim

Kellie Duckhorn

General Manager

Soundtrack: O Brother, Where Art Thou
Indulgence: Dark chocolate
Fondest Memory: Marriage proposal on the Great Wall of China
First Job: St. Helena Little League Concession Stand
Last Purchase: Two for one Dolphin Uglies
Best Place to Pop a Cork: Under the stars

Quinn Kraft

Director of Membership and Private Experiences 

Soundtrack: Fly Me to the Moon ~ Frank Sinatra
Indulgence: Whiskey Neat
Fondest Memory: Camping in Big Bear with my family
First Job: A little diner on the beach
Last Purchase: Always coffee
Best Place to Pop a Cork: At dinner with friends or family