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The Perfect Blend

The definition of the verb to blend (to mix smoothly and inseparably together), seems disarmingly simple. How difficult can it […]


Baldacci News
Which Appellation of the Napa Valley is Right For You?

  There are 16 distinct appellations located in the Napa Valley. These districts are known as American Viticulture Areas, also […]


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Gewürztraminer & Sweet Treats to Pair It With

A hidden gem in the American wine world is the German-based wine known as Gewürztraminer. Many wine lovers are unfamiliar […]


Taste Baldacci
The Art of Bâtonnage

One of the most common remarks we hear about our Chardonnay is how evenly balanced it is. For a wine […]


Taste Baldacci
Wine & Cheese: Tasty, Satisfying and…Healthy!

  You read that title correctly! Wine lovers can now rejoice and not feel guilty about one of their favorite […]


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Late Harvest Wine Defined

What is a Late Harvest Wine? Late harvest wines are made from grapes that have a high level of sugar […]


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The Balance of Harvest

It’s that special time of year that wine growers both yearn and stress for: harvest season. “What can be so […]


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Best Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Wine & Chocolate Pairing Suggestions Wine and chocolate. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? In the right […]


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Chill Out!

How Chilled Should My Wine Be? It’s the debate that has persisted since the dawn of wine: what is the […]


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Wine Vs. White Claw – Which is the Healthier Option?

It is official – hard seltzer is one of the hottest new alcoholic beverages on the market, and that is […]


Brenda’s Squared & Paired!

Brenda’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


Taste Baldacci
Best Table Game + Wine Pairings

As we continue to bunker down during the Quarantine, we are left with the ongoing challenge of trying to stay […]


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Los Carneros – The Valley’s Coolest Sibling

Rewind back to 1981, Napa Valley is established as America’s second AVA. An AVA, or American Viticulture Area, is considered […]


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Pass the cheese, please!

This month, our food feature is all about the cheese. I started thinking about how my appreciation for cheese has […]


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Music to my ears

  Art. What is it? Is it a beautiful picture painted by a wonderful artist? Or the more modern form […]


Taste Baldacci
Taste this!

Flavors… Have you ever wondered what your personal taste profile might be if you were raised in a different culture? […]


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Live like a local…

Living like a local, in any community, has its charms, practical solutions and insider tricks! I have lived locally, in […]


Taste Baldacci
Eat like a local…

Napa is considered by many to be the mecca for foodies, and I would tend to agree with them. To […]


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50 Ways to Leave Your Turkey

Well, maybe not 50…more like 4 and it’s about the day after, anyhow. I love Thanksgiving! For some reason, I […]


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New Year, New Me!

It’s the January 4th, time to find that old paleo cookbook, dust off the running shoes, and remember the directions […]


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Nothing like the tradition of family…

Christmas Eve at my Grandparents is the tradition that I look forward to every year. Having my entire family under […]


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Who moved the goal post?

  It’s January (again)! This is the month of goals, aspirations, re-starts and optimism. What I find challenging is the […]


Taste Baldacci
Wine and love – the perfect couple!

At the Intersection of Red Wine & Love Wine and love go together like UGG slippers and cold feet…a soothing […]


Taste Baldacci
Snacks for the Big Game

There is nothing better than a glass of wine and some delicious snacks while watching the final rounds of March […]