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The tradition of storytelling, as a method for passing down customs, history and heritage through the generations, is a uniquely human response to embrace eternity. The place where the storytelling occurs is almost as important as the story. The energy, the connection to one another, the desire to listen and then to retell the tale, creates the framework for an enduring legacy. Without a place, a space to commune, the legacy quickly becomes a faded memory.


Within each of us lives a legacy, a story waiting to be told.  Stories, like wine, are meant to be shared. Tom Baldacci understands this. Maybe not consciously Рbut at his core, Tom knows that for a story to become a legacy, it must be shared and passed forward to keep it alive.


Almost 30 years ago, Tom drove by the property that now is home to Baldacci Family Vineyards. Where some may have seen an old house and farm in need of repair, Tom saw potential. In the breathtaking views on the Stags Leap property, in the aged vines and gnarled olive trees, Tom saw a story waiting to be told.


At the time; Tom and his wife Brenda were raising four sons, creating a family that would reflect and carry forth their own stories. He decided to introduce his family to the vineyard and the vineyard to his family. And now, their stories are intertwined; their legacies forever connected. As the years have passed, the family has grown. This is the place where they celebrate weddings, anniversaries, holidays and everyday moments. The next generation is now folded into the fabric of the land and together, they continue to make wines and to create stories to be shared.