Passionately Crafted with deep roots
Wine summons us to gather together to share in the tradition of storytelling which our family embraces as a method to pass on our customs, history and heritage through the generations. We believe that within each of us lives a story waiting to be told and stories, like wine, are meant to be shared.

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Join us for a customized wine tasting where you choose the theme and we provide the entertainment!
Join us for an online tutorial of the basics of food and wine pairing strategies.
Customize your own corporate wine tasting with your employees and clients.
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Rather Call? (707) 944-9261

  • 60 minutes
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  • Open daily starting March 1, 2021
Wines That Tell a Story
A testament to the wild independence of nature and the joyful awareness that we are beholden to each harvest's timeless story.

On a cellular level, my body rejoices each time I walk among the vines. I know this because my blood pressure drops and my mind is calm. ~ Thomas Baldacci
Stags Leap

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We have two membership tiers that each offer exclusive access to wines, special shipping rates, complimentary wine tasting certificates and discounts.

Big Things Are Coming To Baldacci!
Coming 2021, we will debut our new cave and hospitality center in the heart of the Stags Leap District.