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Mixing it Up with Wine Cocktails

by Diana Bender | Published 02.16.2022

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Chances are, if you love wine, you probably appreciate a great cocktail as well. Enter…wine cocktails! Combining the best of both worlds, wine cocktails are fun, colorful, and work for every season. They’re also the perfect way to introduce non-wine loving friends and family to the versatility and complexity that can be found in a great bottle of wine.

Using three different Baldacci wines, I created these simple, easy cocktail recipes that offer something for everyone. A Cab-lover’s cocktail? Check. A low-alcohol spritz? Check. A spirit-forward option with a twist? Absolutely. There’s even a zero-proof (alcohol-free) cocktail that’s just as visually appealing and delicious as the others.

I truly believe that wine should be enjoyable and an experience to be shared. Yes, there is an incredible amount of care, attention, and hard work that goes into every bottle here at Baldacci, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it.

Whether wine is your one true love or classic cocktails are your go-to, these recipes will not disappoint!


Diana Bender

Kir Royale

This classic French-inspired cocktail combines crème de cassis, or blackcurrant liqueur, with sparkling wine. Because blackcurrant is a classic flavor in Cabernet Sauvignon wines, this simple cocktail is a Cab-lover’s dream!

Serves 2

10 oz. Baldacci Pops Sparkling Wine
2 oz. Crème de Cassis
Herb sprigs (such as marjoram, thyme, rosemary, or mint)

Pour 5 oz. of Pops sparkling wine in each flute glass, and top each glass with 1 oz. of crème de cassis. Garnish each flute with an herb sprig for a pop of color.

Carneros Spritz

This cocktail could not be more simple or refreshing. It’s also lower in alcohol, making it a great option for an early afternoon pick-me-up or the perfect way to start a dinner party.

Serves 2

1 can of sparkling water (such as grapefruit LaCroix)
4 oz. of 100% grapefruit juice
4 oz. of Baldacci Carneros Estate Chardonnay
Blood orange twist

Fill two highball glasses with crushed ice. Divide the sparkling water evenly among the glasses, then add 2 oz. of grapefruit juice and 2 oz. of Chardonnay into each glass. Garnish with a blood orange or grapefruit twist.

The G&G

Sure, the G&T (gin and tonic) is a classic, but have you tried a gin and Gewurztraminer? Gewurztraminer, a German grape variety, is known for having floral characteristics, which is perfectly balanced by the herbal notes of the gin. For this recipe, I used our Late Harvest Gewurztraminer, which has a natural sweetness from the grapes being left on the vine to ripen later than normal. No simple syrup needed! I have to say, this was my favorite wine cocktail so far.

Serves 2

5 oz. Baldacci Late Harvest Gewurztraminer
5 oz. London dry gin (I used Tanqueray)
1 yellow nectarine (or peach)
4-5 strawberries

Chop half of the nectarine and strawberry into medium-sized pieces, and muddle in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, then add 2.5 oz. each of the Gewurztraminer and gin to the shaker. Shake well, for about 30 seconds. Strain into a coupe glass. Repeat for the remainder of the ingredients. If you have a larger shaker, you can make both servings at the same time.

Zero-Proof Hemingway Daquiri

It’s time to wave good-bye to the days of overly sweet mocktails. Zero-proof cocktails have all the flavor and complexity of a traditional cocktail, minus the alcohol, making them the perfect way for friends and family who don’t consume alcohol to enjoy a fun beverage along with everyone else.

Serves 2

2/3 cup 100% grapefruit juice
3-4 medium limes, juiced
0.5 oz maraschino liqueur
1-2 tbsp. maple syrup (optional, to taste)

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well, for at least 30 seconds, then strain into two martini glasses. Garnish with a lime wedge.


Which cocktail recipe are you trying first? Tag us @baldacciwinery and let us know what you think!

Guest Author

Diana Bender