Live like a local…

Living like a local, in any community, has its charms, practical solutions and insider tricks! I have lived locally, in the Napa Valley, since 1973. There have been many changes, but also, many constants. On the practical side of things, my favorite dentist, Dr. Rob Hampton, has been cleaning teeth AND creating amazing art since, well, forever. Other great artwork can be found high on the walls of the St. Helena Post Office or at Woodhouse Chocolate. The holiday window displays, by both Woodhouse and The Model Bakery, invite inspiration to both eat and create something!

The best places to grab a cool gift are Sportago or Lark Shoes. I know, shoes are risky, but the selection is amazing! Same with Athletic Feat…and for clothes, go to Lolo’s! It’s consignment, Napa Valley style. Top brands, funky knick knacks, and eclectic jewelry…which leads me to Sherri Gallagher and her beautiful handmade works of art.

Food is a whole other category. The Napa Valley has everything, truly, but as a local, we actually eat in as often as we eat out! Best fish is from Osprey Seafood, best kitchen gadgets are found at either Steve’s Hardware or Shackford’s and if you want to kill your meal, go to Sweeney’s.

Best pull out for a kiss and a sunset is just past Viader Winery, on Deer Park Road. Best place to eat popcorn with a glass of wine is the Cameo Cinema and my favorite place to wear all white and drink a cocktail is playing croquet at Meadowood. Dr. Gold takes care of all our animals and Jake fixes all of our bikes.

So, next time you are planning a visit to the area, give us a call and we’ll make a recommendation or two!


Kellie Duckhorn

Kellie Duckhorn has been a part of the Napa Valley wine community for more than 45 years. She is currently the General Manager for Baldacci Family Vineyards and she loves everything about this limited production, family owned and operated winery.