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The Discovery Collection

Welcome to the Baldacci Family Vineyards Discovery Collection! As you join us on this tasting journey, you’ll discover the diversity of our portfolio through three wines: our Carneros Chardonnay, Elizabeth Pinot Noir, and Fraternity Red Wine Blend.

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Getting Started with Your Discovery Collection

To help you make the most of your experience, we’ve created an easy-to-follow wine tasting guide with the help of our sommelier!

Step 1: Unboxing Your Discovery Collection Kit

Inside your Discovery Collection, you’ll find three 100mL sample tubes, each filled with a unique wine: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Fraternity Red Wine Blend.

Ready to Enjoy Now: While the wines are sealed to maintain quality, they are ready to be enjoyed now. There is no need to cellar or age the wines before tasting.

Short-Term Storage: If you plan to store the wines for the short term before tasting, the Chardonnay can be stored in the refrigerator until you begin tasting. Store the red wines – the Pinot Noir and Fraternity Red Wine Blend – in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations; keeping the wine at a consistent temperature will maintain its integrity.

Re-Sealing the Tubes: If you haven’t finished a wine sample, make sure to reseal the tube tightly. The caps are designed to maintain the freshness of the wine.

Step 2: Set the Scene

Create a comfortable and inviting space for your tasting experience, free of any strong odors such as candles or cut flowers. Clear a table, gather some wine glasses, a few sheets of white paper (more on that later), and a pen and notepad if you want to jot down your thoughts.

Choosing Glassware: We recommend using clear, stemmed wine glasses for each wine. If you have stemless wine glasses, those are also suitable, but keep in mind that holding the glass in your hands can affect the wine’s temperature.

The shape of the glass can also influence how you experience the wine. To experiment with this, we recommend the following:

Chardonnay: Opt for a glass with a wider bowl to enhance the exposure of the wine to air, allowing its rich aromas to unfold.

Pinot Noir: Choose a glass with a slightly tapered rim to focus the delicate aromas and capture the nuances of this elegant red.

Fraternity Red Wine Blend: A glass with a larger bowl will allow this complex red to breathe, revealing its layered flavors.

Serving Temperature: We recommend refrigerating the Chardonnay sample tube for about 30 minutes before starting your tasting. This will enhance the flavors and aromas. We also recommend chilling the reds for approximately 15 minutes as well so that they reach cellar temperature.

When you’re ready to begin, assemble your wine tubes in the following order: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Fraternity Red Blend. You may use a separate glass for each or taste the wines one by one with a single glass. If using individual glasses, pour the wines into each glass.

Step 3: The Tasting Process

Sight: Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle against a background of white paper. Follow our step-by-step guide to evaluating the appearance of wine here.

Swirl & Smell: Give the wine a gentle swirl in the glass to release its aromas. Take a moment to gently inhale. How strong are the aromas? Note any fruit, floral, or spice notes that greet your senses. Follow the wine aroma guide here.

Sip: Take a small sip, allowing the wine to coat your palate. Move it around in your mouth to fully appreciate the range of flavors. Pay attention to the balance of body, acidity, and tannins. Wondering what all that means? Find the answers in our tasting guide here.

Savor: Swallow the wine or, if you prefer, spit it out into a designated spittoon. Notice the lingering flavors, known as the finish.

Step 4: Pairing Suggestions

Cheese Pairings

Chardonnay with Brie, Triple Cream, or Fresh Mozzarella: The creamy and buttery texture of Brie, the lusciousness of Triple Cream, or the mild, milky notes of fresh Mozzarella complement the rich and full-bodied character of our Chardonnay. These cheeses enhance the wine’s tropical fruit flavors and add a delightful layer of creaminess to each sip.

Pinot Noir with Manchego, Fontina, or Herbed Goat Cheese or Feta: The nuanced flavors of Pinot Noir find perfect harmony with the nutty and buttery Manchego, the semi-soft and mild Fontina, or the herb-infused goodness of goat cheese or feta.

Fraternity Red Blend with Aged White Cheddar, Gruyère, or Aged Gouda: The bold and complex nature of our Fraternity Red Blend is elevated by the sharpness of aged white Cheddar, the nuttiness of Gruyère, or the caramel undertones of aged Gouda. These robust cheeses complement the wine’s dark fruit and spice characteristics, creating a pairing that is both satisfying and indulgent.

Snack Pairings

Chardonnay with Kettle Corn Popcorn, Honey Mustard Pretzels, or Sour Cream and Onion Chips: The buttery notes of kettle corn, the sweet and tangy flavor of honey mustard pretzels, and the savory crunch of sour cream and onion chips bring out the tropical fruit and vanilla undertones of our Chardonnay.

Pinot Noir with Truffle Popcorn, Parmesan Crisps, or Rosemary Roasted Almonds: The earthy aroma of truffle popcorn, the salty richness of parmesan crisps, and the herb-infused essence of rosemary roasted almonds enhance the wine’s red fruit and floral notes and complement the subtle earthiness of Pinot Noir.

Fraternity Red Blend with Spiced Mixed Nuts, Barbecue Potato Chips, or Dark Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans: The robust flavors of our Fraternity Red Blend are complemented by the boldness of snacks like spiced mixed nuts, the smokiness of barbecue potato chips, and the decadence of dark chocolate-covered espresso beans, enhancing the wine’s dark fruit, spice, and chocolate notes.

Step 5: Share Your Experience

We’d love to hear about your tasting adventure! Share your thoughts and photos on social media with #discoverbaldacci and tag us @baldacciwinery. Join the conversation and connect with fellow wine enthusiasts.


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Choose three bottles per shipment, delivered straight to your door. You'll have access to our diverse portfolio with the flexibility to choose your wines and shipment frequency.

Choose three bottles per shipment, delivered straight to your door. You'll have access to our diverse portfolio with the flexibility to choose your wines and shipment frequency.


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