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Royal Stag Membership

Are you just getting started on your wine journey? Are you interested in trying premium quality wines that are hand made using organic farming methods? Do wine membership programs seem too expensive? Our Royal Stag Membership is just for you! Pick at least three bottles from our diverse portfolio and set your shipments at an interval that matches your budget. If you need assistance to get started, don't hesitate to Contact Us. Cheers!

Member Benefits

10% bottle discount

Save on any wines available to the Royal Stag Club.

$25 Ground Shipping

Temperature controlled shipping that protects the wine and conserves our planet!

Wine Experiences

Four complimentary wine experiences per year that can be transferred to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many shipments per year?

As many as you select. Each shipment must have at least three bottles.

What are the wines?

Select any three bottles from the list.

How many bottles per shipment?

A minimum of three bottles

Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee

What is the average annual cost?

It depends on what you order and how often you order!