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What's Your Wine Personality?

Answer a few questions to discover your wine personality.

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If you could drink one type of wine for the rest of your life, you would drink...

Napa Valley Cabernet from an exceptional vintage

A crisp white or light red wine - something that pairs best with food!

Champagne or Sparkling Wine - give me all the bubbles!

A big red wine - the bolder, the better

My favorite watch is a




Smart watch

My dream vacation looks like this...

Van life

Winter wonderland

Tropical paradise

All in one

When I go to the gym I

head for the elliptical

go to the free weights

jump in the pool

skip the workout and go straight to the sauna

When my family comes to town

I hide

I spend hours prepping a fantastic meal

I buy pre-made food and say that I made it

I never invite my family to stay with me

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