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Michael Baldacci
September 26, 2016 | Michael Baldacci

The Story of Garry the Grape


Garry the Grape is the tale of Garry, and his adventure through the 2016 growing season to fulfill his dream of becoming a Baldacci Family Vineyard wine, the best wine in ALL of the world.


Garry’s story begins in March. It was a cold night, the land was bleak, and the air was ripe with death. One cold spell or a lazy frost supervisor meant it was over before it began for our hero Garry.


“There were times when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. It got really cold out there, but I knew if I could stay above 32 degrees I would be a great candidate for BFV wine, and that is what kept me going.”


Winter was long, spring was longer and the potential of frost was ever present each passing day.


“My parents and grandparents never told me about a cold spring, all they could talk about were the heats in September and to conserve as much water as possible…”  


Garry the grape made it through the Spring, and once again experienced a first.


“Rain? We had to go back to our great-great-great-great grandparents to figure out the translation, it was the drip from the sky… wow I like rain.”


Garry’s adventures through the spring into the summer were ALL focused on leaves and haircuts.


“I heard on the vine that two haircuts are another good sign that I had the potential to be a BFV wine. I worked hard to push as many leaves as possible and I tell you, it was worth it. That first haircut was amazing, tons of newfound energy, and after the second, I kicked it into another gear and started changing colors!”



Harvest was fast approaching, our Hero Garry had survived many trials and tribulations, but he was not safe yet.


“Some grapes get lazy at this time, they start to change color and they think that they are home free and destined for the picking bin. I knew better; ripen too fast and I would be a raisin, not up to BFV standards.  Too slow and I would be cut on the ground before harvest began! I had worked all year, the 2016 growing season was awesome for me, I felt like I was in the perfect place to ripen, mentally and physically.”


The growing season was perfect in 2016, warm days in the beginning followed by a two-week spell of nice, mild temperatures. Garry timed his ripening perfectly, and harvest was only a matter of time.


“I saw my boys Michael, Ricardo and Rolando out there more and more and I had heard those were the guys that make the final call. They kept trying all the grapes around me and talking about ‘…sweetness, chalky tannins, berry development and brix…’ I really wasn’t too sure what they were talking about, all I know is the other day I was sleeping when I was awakened by big lights and someone tugging at me with scissors, and I thought, this is the day!”


Garry’s dream had become a reality. On the night of September 20, 2016 Baldacci Family Vineyards picked their first set of grapes, and our hero Garry made the cut. He had worked hard and the team at Baldacci appreciated his effort throughout the year.


“I knew I could do it the whole time! My parents and grandparents gave me some great advice before the season. I think that I stayed patient, didn’t get ahead of myself and just took it one growing degree a day at a time. Baldacci saw my hard work and brought me into the winery for some fermentation and extraction and I know they will not regret it.”


Stay tuned as our hero Garry travels from picking bin, through de-stemmer crusher and into the fermentation vat to make the full transition into wine!  




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